Geological Siting

Siting is very important when it comes to borehole drilling. Choosing the right Siting partner means everything in this industry.

We do not do our own siting; however, we do recommend siters.
Siters use the dowsing methods which can be a y stick, copper rods and a container filled with water or all three methods (these siters charge $200 in Harare and $250 outside Harare), other siters such as Haasbrook use a method by sending ultrasound waves and they get back computerized images of the rock formations below the ground, they will give you a report and tell you where you should drill (his charges are between $350 to $550), all dowsing methods are not 100%.
Siters will give us and you a coordinated report which tells us exactly where to drill and what depths to go, we follow their instructions.